OffShore Development Center

ICE has adapted the ODC model successfully with several clients. Our dedicated ODC'S have become an integral part of our clients operation where a permanent team of engineers having the desired expertise and experience are allocated to meet the client's needs. By focusing on a single client over an extended time frame, the dedicated ODC team gains a deeper understanding of the client’s business and technology and can begin to function as a virtual extension of the client’s software team.
ICE ODC Program Management Structure

We believe that communication between ICE's ODC Management and Client's Off-Shore Project Coordinator is very critical to the success of any software development in ODC. A continuous communication link is established through e-mail, telephone, fax, postal mail, teleconferencing, personal visits etc. Regular meetings, Status Reporting and Reviews are held to facilitate ODC communication. Well-defined procedures after mutual discussions are laid down for escalation of issues to ensure Issue Resolution at a maximum efficiency.
Offshore Project Phases :

The Off-shore Development Center comes into operation normally in three phases:

    * Initiation Phase
    * Transition Phase
    * Support Continuity Phase

Initiation Phase
Activities in this phase include Initial Planning and Training.In this phase, service provider's team comprising of senior member(s) will visit the Client's location. This team is responsible for collecting information for doing the initial planning. This activity is normally completed within 4-6 weeks.
Transition Phase
 During this Phase, the team starts working on live support activity under the guidance of the current support team at the client's site as well as off-site.
Following additional activities take place:

    * Setting up any additional infrastructure that has been identified.
    * Pilot project, if any, is executed. Learning from the pilot project is incorporated in  the process.
    * The offshore team and the service provider in general, take on additional responsibilities.
    * Any gaps in documentation or processes are continually addressed.
    * Review of progress against final goals will be setup

Support Continuity Phase
 Regular support plan is prepared based on the observations and experience of the Transition phase and is given to the Client for approval.
The plan includes the following:

    * Detailed description of the process
    * Project staffing and responsibilities
    * Reporting process and escalation procedures
    * Quality and service levels
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